Differences Between Sex doll and AI Sex Doll

AI sex doll is now out in the market. It could basically carry on a conversation, although not exactly intellectual, but you get the picture. Finally, you could say goodbye to your lonely nights and fill them with late talks and whispers until the wee hours of the morning with your sex doll.

Sex dolls have been in the market for 20 years, yet it never failed to produce an illusion of companionship to most customers who bought it. Well, yes, there are some customer who bought the doll just for the fun of it, or maybe just for the sake of having it. However, there are significant customers who confessed that the dolls actually made them feel less lonely. It might be the fear of commitment with an actual, live person, but who cares, right?

ai sex doll

Now, brace yourself because these adorable sex dolls are now being invaded by technology. It seems like its boring and lifeless stares at you has come to an end. The market is now introducing (Artificial Intelligence) AI sex Dolls!

Why buy AI sex doll? Well, like what we said, it could potentially make you less lonely. Lots of customers have already testified that the ordinary silicone sex doll can make them feel like they are really with someone, so what could you actually expect from this silicone sex doll that talks! It might not be a real, deep conversation that a smart, live woman could give you, but hey, it’s a start. Also, apart from its main feature which is the speech power, you can also select her hair color, height and breast size.

Now you might think about what people say. An AI sex doll costs around $10,000 to $60,000 which is a lot of money compared to what an average person would pay for sex with a real person. Think about this, though. If you buy AI sex doll, you would only need to swipe your card once. Whereas getting a real person would require you to max out your credit card! And that is without any guarantee that the person wouldn’t leave you.

So what are you waiting for? Buy AI sex doll now, and see the difference.

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